Oh snakebites I’ve missed you soo

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These work selfies are really getting out of hand..

I forgot how much I love my snakebites

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sooooo bored.

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I look so dorky with my glasses on guys

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I’m in love with this shirt and the man that gave it to me. I’m one lucky girl :)
of course the first picture I take with my new phone is a work selfie #maygodhavemercyonmysoul
I look like I’m 15 years old…
stupid adorable gif why you so pixelated?!

french inhale

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Meet Tesla. Our newest piece to the collection. 

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This is my life. Shade using me as a pillow while he plays league and I watch Netflix. Can you say perfect life?

I was decked out in batman today.
Gotta love being able to wear Shade’s shirts.

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Time for my second day at work.

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The Troublemakers.
I apologize for all the adorableness.
I lied.  I’m not sorry.