Here’s something thats doesnt happen very often one I’m up before nine and two I have pants on
Had an interview at Chipotle today. Took two hours but it went really well. I have one more interview with the gm but I know I got this shit in the bag. #me
Pre interview selfie. Dont mind if I do
so smoking does come in handy an old friend of mine hit me up wondering if i was looking for a job. 
So I’m home alone and I have a stomach virus…just peachy.
I realized I’ve never posted the rings I wear on a daily.
Post workout selfie
Time to hit the gym
I have really big eyes.
I’m sad
Been playing league since shade left to work. I might have a problem.
Boredy bored bored

My boobs are growing! I’m just a little too excited hahhh

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Sooo god damn bored.

So done with my neighbors

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