Happy St Paddy’s Day! 
Be safe out there! 
Hulk is gonna get smashed tonight!
I might live in shit town Arkansas but I still look like I’m straight out of LA #maygodhavemercyonmysoul
I’m capable of pulling off a fedora. Not entirely sure how I feel about this…
So I got bit by a spider and I feel like complete and utter shit. So now I’m sitting in an ice cold bath trying to bring down my fever. 

Make me feel better guys… 

Oh snakebites I’ve missed you soo

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These work selfies are really getting out of hand..

sooooo bored.

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I look so dorky with my glasses on guys

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I’m in love with this shirt and the man that gave it to me. I’m one lucky girl :)
of course the first picture I take with my new phone is a work selfie #maygodhavemercyonmysoul
I look like I’m 15 years old…
stupid adorable gif why you so pixelated?!

Meet Tesla. Our newest piece to the collection. 

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This is my life. Shade using me as a pillow while he plays league and I watch Netflix. Can you say perfect life?

I was decked out in batman today.
Gotta love being able to wear Shade’s shirts.

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